Hello and Welcome to The Clown Doctors

Our Clown Doctors visit sick children in The Great North Children's Hospital and The Freeman Hospital to support them through what can be a traumatic and frightening time. On this website you will be introduced to all of our Clown Doctors, and you can find out which hospitals they go to. You can also find out how to get involved and support us.

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"You are honoured to get waves and kisses from this child and it was progression as normally the child has been reticent and fractious." Play Specialist

 "That blowing really helps the muscles in her face" Father of 1 year old patient


Testing a new model

Looking to the future and to the sustainability of the Clown Doctors programme at the Great North Children’s Hospital, we are exploring new means by which we are able to demonstrate and articulate stronger evidence that the Clown Doctors programme provided to the children, families and wards is highly valued, desired and not just 'a nice thing that happens’.

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Clowning around at the Great North Children’s Hospital

The Great North Children’s Hospital will play host to the Clown Doctors from April 2013.

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Watch the video!

Watch the new video showing the Clown Doctors and the work they do at the Great North Children's Hospital.

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